Salebak Organic Fertilizer

Salebak Organic Fertilizer

Talk about organic cropping patterns, meaning talk about organic fertilizer. The availability of organic fertilizer determines the quality of organic crops or agriculture.

For this reason, Salebak, which implements one stop organic, where all the needs for agriculture and plantations on organic fertilizer, have tried to produce their own.

This step is to ensure availability and quality during the organic care of plants.

In addition to their own needs, organic fertilizer produced by Salebak, is also distributed to farmer groups guided by Salebak.

Later on, organic Salebak fertilizer will also be sold to the general public.

Salebak has produced organic fertilizers and pesticides as follows:


Ziolit Flour.


Made from green leaves, banana stems and animal waste (kohe) and then cemented in a storage tank for 8 to 10 days.


Made from a mixture of palm sugar, rice flour, plankatalis (taro flour), yeast and boiled water. The materials are then cemented for 17 to 20 days in a closed bath.

Local Micro Organism

Local micro organisms are made from rice or coconut water, then mixed with stale rice and added rotten banana weevil. Then it is fermented for 6 or 7 days in a closed tub. After the 8th day, mixed with sugar water (glucose).

Plant-based Pesticides

Made from lemongrass, kirinyuh and jengkol leaves. Then put in the tub and after that poured with boiling water, then closed tightly for 2 days.

Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Liquid organic fertilizer is a combination of M-Bio, Local Micro Organism and Plant-based Pesticides. To make a homogeneous mixture is added with molasses (mulase).