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One Stop Organic System is a Salebak Organic Planting Pattern system, where all needs are met independently. Starting from land preparation, nursery, fertilization, maintenance to harvesting.

One Stop Organic is designed so that farmers who are members of farmer groups have efficiency and added vallue (added value). This system focuses more on the production cost structure of the Organic Planting Pattern to make it more efficient, which in turn will increase net income.

Salebak has implemented a One Stop Organic system for the production of Organic Planting Patterns on its own land, in Palasari Eco Village Anadopah, Sukahurip, Ciamis. In addition, this system is also taught to assisted farmer groups in other areas.

In this system, organic fertilizer is needed which is the main requirement, namely:

  • Zeolite
  • Compost
  • M-Bio
  • Local Microorganisms
  • Liquid Organic Fertilizer
  • Vegetable Pesticide

This system requires farmer groups to make all the fertilizer needs independently and sustainably.

Salebak is always open to farmer groups, the world of education and the general public who want to learn about this One Stop Organic System.

” We are committed to building a sustainable balance of nature, by applying an Organic Planting Pattern, starting from nurseries, fertilizing, nursing, to post-harvest using only our own organic ingredients, so that their purity is very controlled.”


Vision :

Making joint efforts with communities and traditional farmers to develop, be independent, modern and sustainable.

Mission :

Embedding business management patterns in a transparent and professional manner with the community and traditional farmer groups by applying good and correct business governance principles and being able to apply technology.

The A Team

Subsidiary Land

Palasari Eco Village

Palasari Eco Village Anadopah ,

Sukahurip Village,

Cihaurbeuti, Ciamis

Land Area : 80 ha

Person in charge : Mr. Dadang Suherman

Pasir Tamiang

Pasir Tamiang Village,

Cihaurbeuti, Ciamis

Land Area : 95 ha

Person in charge : Mr. Husni Mubarak


Padamulya Village,

Cihaurbeuti, Ciamis

Land Area : 70 ha

Person in charge : Mr. Jaja Jamaludin





Science is the capital for the development of a business. Aware of this, Salebak is serious in learning new things, new discoveries both academically and in practical experience, which will be summarized and adapted to the needs of farmers according to their demographic characteristics.

In addition, Salebak also opens training for the general public and school children to be able to learn all things related to organic planting patterns.



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